What Time Does the Vatican Night Tour Start?

Exploring the Vatican at night is an experience like no other. The calm, the soft lighting, and the reduced crowds make it a magical experience. But one common question is, “What time does the Vatican night tour start?” Let’s dive into the details so you can plan your visit perfectly.

Why Choose a Vatican Night Tour?

Before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about why a Vatican night tour is such a great idea. During the day, the Vatican can be incredibly crowded. But at night, the atmosphere changes completely. The hustle and bustle are replaced by a serene calm. This makes it easier to appreciate the beauty and history of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel without the usual throngs of tourists.

When Does the Vatican Night Tour Start?

The starting time for the Vatican night tour can vary, but generally, the tours begin in the evening, around 7 PM. This allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Vatican as the sun sets and the night begins to envelop the city.

What’s Included in the Night Tour?

The Vatican night tour isn’t just about the timing; it’s about the entire experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Access to the Vatican Museums: Wander through the galleries and see incredible works of art from different eras.
  2. The Sistine Chapel: Witness Michelangelo’s masterpiece in a more intimate setting.
  3. Expert Guides: Learn about the history, art, and secrets of the Vatican from knowledgeable guides.
  4. Reduced Crowds: Enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer people around.

“Taking the night tour of the Vatican was one of the highlights of my trip. The peaceful environment made it easier to appreciate the art and history.” – Sarah, a recent visitor

Benefits of a Night Tour

There are several benefits to choosing a night tour over a daytime visit:

  • Peaceful Environment: With fewer visitors, you can take your time and really soak in the surroundings.
  • Beautiful Lighting: The soft evening lighting adds a new dimension to the art and architecture.
  • Cooler Temperatures: Visiting in the evening can be more comfortable, especially during the hot summer months.

How to Book a Vatican Night Tour

Booking a Vatican night tour is easy and can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: This is the most straightforward way to secure your tickets.
  2. Select Your Date and Time: Choose the evening that works best for you.
  3. Complete Your Purchase: Follow the prompts to buy your tickets.
  4. Prepare for Your Visit: Make sure you know where to go and what to bring on the day of your tour.

Tips for Your Vatican Night Tour

To make the most of your night tour, consider these tips:

  • Arrive Early: Arriving a bit before your scheduled tour time can help you get settled and ready.
  • Dress Appropriately: The Vatican has a dress code that requires visitors to cover their shoulders and knees.
  • Bring a Camera: The night lighting can make for some stunning photos, but remember that photography is not allowed in the Sistine Chapel.


A Vatican night tour is a unique way to experience one of the world’s most famous cultural sites. Starting around 7 PM, these tours offer a peaceful, intimate way to explore the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. For more details and to book your tour, visit Rome Vatican City.