What’s the biggest Christmas tree in the world?

Every year, in central Umbria, Italy, the “world’s largest Christmas tree” is lit up on the slopes of Monte Ingino, overlooking the medieval town of Gubbio. Directions

How many Christmas tree lights?

In a tradition that dates back to 1981, the town lights up its enchanted Christmas tree with more than 700 lights to symbolize the holiday season. This year, on December 7 at 18.00, the lighting ceremony will be broadcast live on the Facebook page Albero di Natale più Grande del Mondo.


Worlds largest christmas tree in Italy
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The tree is 750 meters tall and has a huge star on top. The lights of the gigantic tree display that made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 1991 are powered by 8.5 kilometers of cables. 300 green lights are used to outline the tree, while 400 other colored lights are used to illuminate the interior.

The “roots” of the tree begin close to Gubbio’s historic walls, and its star ascends to the basilica of S. Ubaldo, the town’s patron saint, at the top of the mountain.

Locals have “adopted” each of tree’s lights, dedicating one to a loved one. Messages range from congratulating grandparents who have passed away to welcoming new newborns.

Until when the tree is lit?

Till January 2023, the Xmas tree will be illuminated every evening from twilight until late.

Is it Christmas tree farm?

No it is not a farm.

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