Cancellation Policy:


“Rome Vatican City ” reserves the right to cancel or modify any of your tours at any time for mitigating circumstances beyond our control. This may include strikes, bad weather, government rules, tourism policy of Italy, and many other unavoidable situations. If any of those situations arise you can choose either of the options listed below –



Cancellation Policy of Rome Vatican City:


We apply 72 hours refund policy only for general tours and tickets. If you book a group tour and make the full payment you will receive a voucher with a confirmation email. If you want to cancel the tour please contact us a minimum 72 hours before the tour starts time. We’ll accept the cancellation and your paid amount will be refunded after taxes deducted. Some of the ticketing services might have price difference from the official website. We do not accept these claims for refunds.

Entrance ticket which are also called “the skip the line tickets” will be reserved 7 days prior to the tour date so, they cannot be cancelled, moved to other date. Any changes or modifications have to be made 8 days prior to the tour. Last minute bookings cannot be cancelled.


For some private tours and tours with transportation, we offer a partial refund and it’ll be decided by mutual discussion. Type of booking, type of tours, weather, government restrictions and uncertain events may affect this policy.


Note: There will be no refund for a last-minute booking that means if you book any tour that will take place within the next 72 hours then it can’t be cancelled or refunded.


No- Show: If you do not show up at the meeting place or arrived late after the tour started, you lose the tour opportunity and won’t be offered another tour free of charge. If you contact us and notify us about your late arrival, we’ll offer you a special discounted price and will reschedule the tour.

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