Colosseum self guided tour or Colosseum skip the line tickets, it is almost similar with their functions. A normal colosseum ticket purchase gives access to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. These three places are includes of one ticket.

There are actually three ways to buy the Colosseum tickets :

  1. Waiting for hours in the queue
  2. Purchasing online and
  3. Purchasing with tour operator (in stores or tour sites)

What does Colosseum self guided tour mean?

A self guided tour means to purchase your ticket and touring alone or with co-mates without a local guide. With a self guided tour you get an advantage of touring at this ancient wonder at privacy. Exploring, experiencing the tourist spots on self. This type of tours are most preferred by couples and people seeking privacy. Adding to this, audio guide is the best choice.

What’s the difference between guided and self guided tour?

In a guided tour we have a local guide hosting tourists in their desired language which gives a personal touch to those tourists. The guide will be responsible for their ticketing, touring and any other situations. Walking along with the guide gives an extraordinary experience of the Colosseum. The guides are highly educated, trained and licensed to drive you through the history of these ancient buildings. The liveliness of exploring the world wonder can never be underestimated.

A Colosseum guided tour would range from 40-50 euros per person and the self guided tour from 25-35 euros. At ROMEVATICANCITY the guided tour are provided at seasonal costs, which means tour will be on sale at lesser cost.

colosseum self guided tour

What are the Colosseum skip the line tickets?

The tickets acquired to skip the long waiting queues in front of the massive Colosseum. These tickets are easily available online with Colosseum official site and the tour operators. The availability on official website is always low. The tourists had to depend on queueing and on tour operators.

How to buy the Colosseum self guided tour online?

Firstly at ROMEVATICANCITY it is possible to book the tickets online. Or, on many other tour websites and stores. Skip the line tickets, guided tours, self guided tours are most sold tours for Colosseum

The types of Colosseum tickets

  1. Standard Colosseum entrance: With this the tourist can explore the Colosseum (ground floor and the first floor), Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum
  2. Colosseum Underground: With this the tourist gets that wonderful chance of exploring the Colosseum’s underground, 1st and ground level, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum
  3. Arena Colosseum: “Gladiator’s Gate” or The Arena floor is an advantage with Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum.

There is a difference between guided and self guided tours, which makes guided tours expensive than the self guided tours. These guided tours includes the cost of tickets, radio headphones, tour guide charges and tour operator’s cost. While the self guided tour costs only the ticket and additional taxes.

Best way to skip the line – Conclusion

Book the tickets or tours online. This will help you to explore more of ROME without wasting time in the long queues. These queues has a minimum waiting time of 2-3 hours, which is equivalent to a full Colosseum guided tour. It takes 3 hours to visit all places of the Colosseum with a guide.


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