The Vatican Museums, Sistine chapel, Galleries, and St Peter’s Basilica are well known and most visited tourist spot in ROME. But do you know that the Vatican has a dress code? Yes you heard it right, the Vatican has a strict dress code to follow and it is not biased. Well, this tourist spot has the same dress code rule to all the visitors which means, it is not just mandatory to buy the ticket to enter the Vatican but also must follow the “VATICAN DRESS CODE”.

Why this dress code?

Vatican City is an independent state or the smallest country in the world. The Vatican city is the head of all the catholic churches and is lead by POPE. Currently, it is Pope Francis or Papa Francesco. As the Vatican is a sacred place which means, the dress code rule is strictly applicable within the wall or the territories of the Vatican i.e Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica. The dress code doesn’t apply when we are out of the Vatican i.e St Peter’s square.

What happens if we doesn’t follow the Vatican dress code rule?

Dress code is the next important aspect to get inside the Vatican. Despite of having the reservation, we won’t be allowed to enter any part of the Vatican, if we doesn’t follow the dress code. Booking a guided tour to visit the Vatican will be helpful in these cases of void, while Skip the line tickets are way cheaper than the guided tour

What is the dress code?

Do’s  Don’t’ s
Jeans, Pants Shorts
T-Shirts (rounded neck, collared etc) Sleeveless
Shirts, Jackets flip flops
Shoes (toes covered)

vatican dress code

Is it the same dress code for all men, women?

Yes, anything can be worn and is acceptable which is below the knees and shoulders must be covered. While you consider footwear, it is recommended to wear something covering your toes.

What about the kids?

The Vatican dress code for kids is a chill pill. The Vatican is fine with kids wearing shorts and sleeveless until they are kids and not teenagers.

It is extremely hot in Vatican during summer. What to wear to follow the dress code?

If you visit the Vatican during summer, it is obvious that you will be walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Summer is in Rome is extremely hot and sweaty. It is a good practice if you carry a pair of pant and shirt while visiting the Vatican so that you can put them on before your entrance time or the best choice would be to enter the Vatican at early in the morning with following the rules right from your hotel.

Any alternatives?

Ummm.. A pro tip, consider at own risk. It is to get a pair of scarves while you are in shorts and sleeveless and cover yourself right before entering inside. We can find many asians, around the Vatican selling these scarves with a price tag of whopping 10 euros per scarf. Buy them at maximum of 3 euros per scarf. Just wrap them around your waist and over your shoulder and you are good to go.



It is highly recommended to follow the rules despite of being good at taking risks because, the Vatican is well known to change their rules anytime and the pro tips might not work. It is advisable to visit the Vatican with a guide while he/she will be our guardian angels  through out the Tour. Read our article about skip the line to know more about fast track entrance.