World’s largest christmas tree in Italy

Biggest Christmas tree in the World What’s the biggest Christmas tree in the world? Every year, in central Umbria, Italy, the “The biggest Christmas tree in the world” is lit up on the slopes of Monte Ingino, overlooking the medieval town of Gubbio. Directions How many Christmas tree lights? The biggest Christmas tree in the […]

The best Tivoli tours in 2022

Lazio, Italy is home to the city of Tivoli. Villa d’Este, Villa Adriana, and Lake Garda are just a few of the well-known sights that make it worthwhile to visit. You’ve undoubtedly come to the correct place if you’re looking for historic sites, gorgeous gardens, spectacular vistas, and romantic settings that influenced Renaissance painters. Tivoli […]

How far is Vatican from Rome

What is the distance between the Vatican and Rome? The distance between Vatican City and Rome is 3 KM (kilometers) and 600 meters in a straight line. The distance between Vatican City and Rome is 2.2 miles in miles. Because this is a straight line journey, the actual travel distance between Vatican City and Rome […]

What are Vatican Museums Hours 2022

The Vatican Museums: Explore the attractions of the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel and lesser-known gems. The Pinecone Courtyard, the Gallery of Tapestries, the Gallery of Candelabra, and the spectacular Raphael Rooms are all worth seeing. The Sistine Chapel will undoubtedly be a highlight of your trip. Consider Michelangelo’s boneless self-portrait, in which he […]

Types of the colosseum tours available in 2022

Why Colosseum is a must see place! Many people enjoy traveling. They seek out new destinations such as bustling cities, quaint little villages, and stunning natural settings such as beaches and woods. People have been scouring the globe for unique experiences and activities for years, and the tourism industry has evolved and flourished as a […]

How to Skip the line Vatican tours in 2022

Best of Vatican City: The world’s tiniest sovereign state is the spiritual home of the Catholic Church and a veritable treasure trove of creative artifacts, but it also has some breathtaking vistas. The Vatican City, which is located in the northwest corner of Rome, is encircled by the city. The country, which covers approximately 44 […]

Colosseum Private Tours

About Colosseum Tour The Colosseum of Rome has been a symbol of the city since 80 AD and is regarded as one of Italy’s most important structures. Around 50,000 people packed the amphitheater’s tiered seats to watch the gladiatorial fights. Despite the fact, the parts of its original marble facade were stolen over the years […]

Weather in Rome

Anyone planning a trip to Rome should be informed of the various weather conditions that they may face along the way. Planning to feel the weather in Italy, is an important part of any vacation. It may have an impact on how individuals plan flights and what they bring with them. Because of its length, […]

Eight Things to do in Rome

1. The Colosseum. The Colosseum is one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks and the world’s New Seven Wonders. It’s easy to see why, given that it was the Ancient Roman Empire’s greatest arena and held gladiator games for nearly 500 years. Only a portion of it remains today, despite numerous earthquakes and bombings. The Colosseum […]

Vatican Dress Code

The Vatican Museums, Sistine chapel, Galleries, and St Peter’s Basilica are well known and most visited tourist spot in ROME. But do you know that the Vatican has a dress code? Yes you heard it right, the Vatican has a strict dress code to follow and it is not biased. Well, this tourist spot has […]

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