Lazio, Italy is home to the city of Tivoli. Villa d’Este, Villa Adriana, and Lake Garda are just a few of the well-known sights that make it worthwhile to visit.

You’ve undoubtedly come to the correct place if you’re looking for historic sites, gorgeous gardens, spectacular vistas, and romantic settings that influenced Renaissance painters. Tivoli is far better for wearing its heritage proudly on its sleeve. This town is absolutely brimming with exquisite sights and cultural delights, from the old second-century ruins of Hadrian’s Villa—named after the well-known emperor—to the lofty perch of Temple of Vesta and the magnificent gardens and terrace panoramas of the stately Villa d’Este. Fans of gastronomic delights are also well catered for, with many upscale restaurants offering a variety of traditional Italian dishes, as well as attractive terraces from which to take in breath-taking views, sometimes even the majestic Great Waterfall (or Grand Cascade). Discover some of the things to do in Tivoli, Italy, by reading on.

Visit the magnificent Villa d’Este:

One of Tivoli’s crown jewels, Villa d’Este, combines stunning beauty with historical wonders. It’s clear why this home from the 16th century was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its Renaissance park, an iconic feature of the town with alluring hillside terraces and enchanting water features and fountains, including the well-known Oval Fountain, is guaranteed to inspire you and your friends’ aspiring photographers innumerable ways. The inside is equally impressive, featuring exquisite friezes and murals that are a visual feast. What then is keeping you? The Italian State Museum is a well-liked tourist attraction in Tivoli.

At Hadrian’s Villa, walk in the shoes of an emperor:

Hadrian’s Villa, another one of Tivoli’s true historical treasures, is a remnant of the Roman Empire that was built in the second century by the eponymous emperor. It encompasses a genuinely enormous area and is one of the biggest residential complexes ever constructed in the nation. In addition to the numerous archaeological sites, its enormous 250-acre (101-hectare) extent includes a wide variety of fountains, ponds, and traditional Roman and Greek architectural styles. It actually occupies a site greater than the old city of Pompeii and has more than 30 buildings. It goes without saying that this UNESCO World Heritage Site is plenty of activities that may keep a tourist busy for a long time.

Be amazed by the age-old engineering of the Ponte deiSepolcri / di Vopisco:

Speaking of archeological marvels, visitors interested in Roman history and old architecture may want to visit the wreckage of the Ponte deiSepolcri. The surrounding necropolis gave this ancient bridge, one of three that crossed the River Aniene under the Roman Empire, its name. Located on the grounds of Villa Gregoriana, only one arch and pillar are still visible today, but what is left provides a fascinating window into the engineering prowess of long ago.

Visit Casa Gotica to get a close-up look at Tivoli’s medieval past:

Casa Gotica, also known as the Gothic House, was built in the late medieval century. It not only provides a fascinating view into the era’s architectural styles, but it also makes for a compelling photo opportunity. The residence, which has three floors and is made of native tuff, is situated on Via Campitelli, which connects to San Pietro allaCarità and the lovely Piazza Campitelli in Tiburtino (more on that a little later). You should have little trouble finding lovely structures to admire during your stay because it is close to the expansive Villa d’Este.

Lucignolo Risto Wine Bar serves up delectable meals:

You might feel the urge to treat yourself to a small culinary treat or two after visiting the locations described in the previous entry to recharge your batteries. Lucignolo Risto Wine Bar is a convenient location for a rest because it is only a few meters from Villa d’Este. Customers who have previously dined here have praised the amazing meal and praised the restaurant’s extensive menu and kind host. In relation to that, the broad menu offers a variety of paninis in addition to bruschette, fettuccine, carbonara, stuffed fillets, and other dishes. If you have special dietary needs, there are also a lot of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives available.

Take in the magnificent view of the Great Tivoli Waterfall.

The Great Tivoli Waterfall, also known as the Grand Cascade of Tivoli, dominates the grounds around Villa Gregoriana. A really unforgettable sight, it drops 120 meters (394 feet) into the ravine below, creating a spectacular curtain of water that is the ideal way to end any trip to the park. The falls, a natural wonder that has delighted tourists with its lovely setting for ages, are actually the consequence of 19th-century efforts to fight floods after a disastrous incident in the 1820s. The river was channeled and the number of falls decreased from four to two as a result of subsequent construction, but they still provide a striking view.

Tivoli Tours

This is the perfect custom tour that will take you out of the chaos of Rome and into the stunning countryside and culture of Tivoli. The UNESCO World Heritage sites Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s villa) and Villa d’Este, which are both masterpieces of richness and delight, are located in this little town, which is about 50 minutes’ drive from Rome. Your private tour guide will explain how the “Ancient Versailles,” the Villa of Hadrian, was once abandoned following the fall of the Roman empire and was covered in woods and untamed vegetation, as well as how the numerous marbles were recycled and utilized to construct other buildings. As the most cosmopolitan emperor and a self-taught architect, Hadrian’s villa is brimming with avant-garde creations inspired by famous locations he had visited across the Roman Empire. You can experience the romantic distance that the Emperor wanted when he built his Villa, imprinting the earth with beauty for all time, as you go past thermal baths and dining rooms that have turned into wild greenhouses.