Pyramid of Cestius in Rome

Pyramid in Rome? (A small brief of the history) Caius Cestius, praetor and tribune of the plebs, had his tomb constructed between 18 and 12 BC, adhering to a particularly popular style at the time. The sepulchral monument is currently the only one of its sort in Rome and is roughly 30 meters in width […]

How to skip the line ticket to colosseum in 2022

Endemic of Italy’s Covid-19 Italy is a prominent tourist destination and part of the European Union. Italy’s first domestic incidence of Covid-19 was discovered two years ago. The country was the first in Europe to be infected with the coronavirus, and it served as a model for both the finest and worst aspects of the […]

Small group tours in Rome Italy in 2022

What makes Italy so special? Italy is a romantic, as well as a historical country. Italy has a rich, profound history and culture despite being a relatively new country, officially united in 1861. It is well-known for the Renaissance and the wonderful artists who came out of it. It is also well-recognized for its linguistic, […]

Types of the colosseum tours available in 2022

Why Colosseum is a must see place! Many people enjoy traveling. They seek out new destinations such as bustling cities, quaint little villages, and stunning natural settings such as beaches and woods. People have been scouring the globe for unique experiences and activities for years, and the tourism industry has evolved and flourished as a […]

How to Skip the line Vatican tours in 2022

Best of Vatican City: The world’s tiniest sovereign state is the spiritual home of the Catholic Church and a veritable treasure trove of creative artifacts, but it also has some breathtaking vistas. The Vatican City, which is located in the northwest corner of Rome, is encircled by the city. The country, which covers approximately 44 […]

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