The Dome of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

Important tips while visiting the Rome Vatican City

Visiting the Vatican City with a reservation online (the quickest way) or waiting in long queues to buy just a ticket and wasting your time (not preferable). However, the basic ticket provides entry to the Vatican Museums, Pine courtyard, Pio Clementino Museums, Etc etc whatever is included with the vatican museums excluding Raphael rooms (Only VIP entry Tour). Then, Sistine Chapel, the main part of the Vatican.

Later, as we see in pictures, St Peter’s Basilica. This is a part of the Vatican City and the entry is FREE. Of course, there is a big long queue and the waiting time is not less than 2 hours and might extend until 4 during season.. However, we still have skip the line options for the St Peter’s Basilica. Costs around 15-20 euros per person.

The Cupola or the dome of the St Peter’s Basilica.

The dome is called a cupola in Italian. There are two levels of this dome. The lower level has 320 steps which gives us the jaw dropping view of inside St Peter’s Basilica Dome from the top.
The upper level where, it takes us to a breathtaking view of the Vatican, considers this to be the highest point of the Vatican where a tourist can reach. This has 551 steps in total and the climb way gets narrower as ascending. It is not advisable for the claustrophobic tourists.

How to buy the tickets for the Vatican museum in 2023?

Vatican Museums tickets can be bought online which also includes the Sistine Chapel here. But the basic tickets don’t include the entry to the Saint Peter’s Basilica. While the tourist has to walk around the wall for 20 minutes and get into another queue for a free entrance.

There is a second option, get the guided tour here which includes the entry from Sistine chapel to St Peter’s Basilica through a secret passage which is possible only with the guide.

Later, Get a ticket at the elevator in St Peter’s Basilica after the tour which costs 8 euros per person if you prefer climbing the stairs and 10 euros per person if you wish to use the elevator. (Cash payment only)

What is the best way to visit the Vatican and the St Peter’s Basilica in 2023?

The best way is to book an early morning VIP tour which allows you also to Raphael rooms and gives the privilege access to the St Peter’s Church Rome, this could be the possible way to explore the vatican museums, Sistine chapel and the St Peter’s Basilica in full without making any queues for Rome Vatican City.