How to get to Tivoli?

There are various ways to go to Tivoli. However, driving is the most convenient mode of transportation. In Rome, you can rent a car. You may drive along Via Tiburtina from the center of Rome. The AustostradaA24 is another short route.

You can also take a taxi, bus, or rail to Tivoli. Buses to Tivoli depart at the Ponte Mammolo metro station. This station is located on Rome’s metro line B. The bus ride will last approximately 40 minutes. If you prefer to travel by train, the Tivoli tour departs from Roma Tiburtina station. It will just take an hour to complete the journey. However, Rome Vatican City suggest taking Tivoli private tour packages to make your trip easy.

Villa Adriana

Villa Adriana is a big palace in Tivoli that is not actually located there. It’s around four kilometers southwest of Tivoli. Emperor Hadrian was honored with the construction of Villa Adriana. This villa has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list since 1999. Villa Adriana has a total land area of 100 acres.

Villa d’Este

Villa d’Este was built in 1550 as a monument to Cardinal Ippolito d’Este by the country. It is located in Tivoli, in the Sabine Mountains. Villa d’Este is included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tivoli’s Villa d’Este is a priceless gem. The villa’s fame can be traced to the outstanding terrace gardens that surround it. Various fountains were being added to the gardens.

The garden of Villa d’Este is a magnificent example of Italian Renaissance design. It also serves as a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture. The villa’s ceiling is richly embellished with magnificent murals that have survived.

What Rome Vatican City Provide:

Rome Vatican City provides a stress-free vacation where all your travel needs are met. Skip-the-line tickets, convenient transfers, a variety of sightseeing options and activities to choose from, delectable meals, and unique experiences are all included in the Tivoli private tour packages, which are designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience. There are tailor-made packages for destinations all throughout Tivoli, including popular destinations such as Villa Adriana, Villa D’Este, and Tivoli Town. Individuals, couples, families with children, and those who are young at heart can choose from a variety of unique and special tour packages. Rome Vatican City assist with a large number of multilingual tour guides to provide the best possible service to visitors.